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mark-em-down-us In the best tradition of Palm Beach and South Florida, Billionaires and Butterfly Ballots, A 20-Year Palm Beach ‘Cartoonspective’ is on sale for the summer with the biggest price reduction yet for copies signed by the author.

This is the time that most smart South Florida shoppers are waiting for, when they can pick up unique merchandise for a fraction of the regular retail price. It’s also the time when savvy gift givers stock up for the Holidays. Why should my book, packed with the more than 125 of the best cartoons and stories from 20 years of Palm Beach Daily News editorial cartooning, be any different?

At $15.95, a full 20 percent off, this is the perfect opportunity to see just how historically hysterical this collection is. And with chapters that lampoon billionaires, snowbirds, pretentiousness, feral cats, pampered pets, comatose iguanas, broken bridges, Palm Beach election snafus, perverted party politics, Donald Trump, Jimmy Buffett, Rush Limbaugh and scams by the likes of Bernard Madoff, is there anyone you know that a signed copy of this book wouldn’t be a great under $20.00 gift for?

Untitled-1Get your copies now because you know what happens to prices as soon as the fall season starts.